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Arabic Book: Fiqhi Discussions On Contemporary Issues

Title: Arabic Book: Fiqhi Discussions On Contemporary Issues
Author: MS Omar
Pages: 61


 About the Author:

 Mr MS Omar who has considerable experience and legal skills, has dealt with a wide variety of complex legal cases. He has the unique distinction of dealing with both chamber work and Litigation. He has appeared regularly in the High Courts. He successfully argued the landmark case Amod v Multilateral Motor Vehicle Accidents Fund (1999) in the Constitutional Court and The Supreme Court Of Appeal. This case which developed the Common Law by recognizing a duty of support flowing from an Islamic marriage has been used as a precedent and applied in a number of subsequent cases.

In his capacity as a Shariah expert, Mr MS Omar has drafted a number of Shariah compliant products and has expressed diverse Shariah opinions. He also sits on various Shariah boards including Al Baraka Bank South Africa, The Old Mutual Al Baraka Equity Fund, Maldives Islamic Bank. In addition, he has given advice to and drafted documents for various financial institutions and conventional banks on Islamic Financial instruments, products, and related matters.

Mr MS Omar was also the primary drafter of the Muslim Marriages Bill which was approved by the South African Law Reform Commission and submitted to the Ministry Of Justice in 2003.

Mr MS Omar is also the author of several other  books in Islamic Law which can also be downloaded.

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Our Testimonials

I personally know the honourable Shaykh Mahomed Shoaib Omar for over thirty years. I found him to be an ardent seeker of knowledge, quick of mind &  constantly devoted to the study of the books of fiqh &  has written himself a number of papers. He has been amongst the foremost participants in drafting the Muslim Personal Law for S.Africa, so that it may be enforced there; and the majority of local Ulama have endorsed this.

~ Mufti Taqi Uthmani

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